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Carpisa Handbags


Well, today is a beautiful day and BagsandHands will bring you to tour with Carpisa handbags and Carpisa bags, a new comer in fashion world.

Carpisa was established in 2001 as a trade mark of Kuvera S.p.A. Carpisa is an Italian brand that symbolized constant research into style regardless of handbags, purses, wallets, clutches, hobos, totes, suitcase, briefcase, or fashion accessories. The first Carpisa store was opened in Napoli and it is also the Carpisa’s headquarters today.

Carpisa Handbags

Carpisa Handbags

Whether it is handbags, bags, or wallets, Carpisa is the leader in fashion-bag and leather goods in Italy. Although the label is not so long in fashion industry, it offers a lot of trendy handbags at extremely competitive prices. Not only women’s accessories, Carpisa offers men’s wallet and men’s bag in an attractive style too.

Carpisa handbags price are various depending on the seasons. Most of the handbags prices are from $500 to $2000 dollars while wallets and purses are less than $500 dollars. On the other hand, you can get a nice Carpisa men’s wallet with just few hundred dollars.

Carpisa Handbags Logo

The logo is a sea turtle and their signature “Carpisa” below. The logo indicates that we should save the sea turtles. A portion of some Carpisa handbags sold will be donated to the “Anton Dohrn” zoological station in Napoli and the Manuel Antonio Natural Reserve in Costa Rica.

Where to buy Carpisa Handbags?

If you ever think to buy Carpisa handbags, you can visit Carpisa stores. There are over 500 stores throughout Italy itself and other 35 stores at the most exclusive cities in the world including Greece, Malta, Serbia, Sorrento, Cyprus, Athens, London, Firenze, Montenegro, Poland, Bosnia, Spain, Japan, UK, and Switzerland.

Carpisa’s competitors include Big Buddha handbagsBrahmin handbags, and Juicy Couture handbags stores.

Today, Carpisa averagely produces around 100 collections each season. You can land into the official Carpisa online store at Carpisa.it to check out latest Carpisa handbags online.

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